Here are some images of the vehicles we have valeted in the last month or so......

Augusta Helicopter valet
Porche Boxter_Full_Polish
Executive Cars
VW Phaeton SupaGuard
Family Cars
Royale 1960's Caravan Restoration
MasterCraft X5 Hull Clean

Ford Zepher Six Valet
Something Different
Jeep 4x4 Full Valet
4 x 4's
Titan Motorcycle Valet
Rangerover Full Valet
SupaGard Protection
Mercedes CLK Leather Treatment
Leather Treatment
Quick Examples
  • Wedding Car Valet

    wedding car valetAre you organising a wedding in the near future and planning to use your own car, a friends one or alternatively are you attending a wedding as a guest.

    Suddenly you find yourself wondering how you are going to make time to get the car looking it's best for the special more

    Or call 01908 312 521 to book your valet today.

  • Selling your Car

    Something Different-thumbWhen it comes to selling your car, it is a proven fact that having your car professionally cleaned prior to advertising pays dividends. If your vehicle is in a fair condition we will come to you and we will spend several hours restoring it to showroom condition.Not only will it make the sale more likely to take place but from previous experience you will be in a position to command a better price. We also have a portfolio of preferred suppliers to aid you with repairing those marks, scratches, dents, cigarette burns, dashboard holes and windscreen repairs. So give us a call and we will pull out all the stops....Read More

  • Wheel Cleaning


    When it come to wheels there are thousands of differing types. We see them all from the economy ones on everyday cars through to the bespoke ones costing thousands of pounds a time, It is important to know that when you take your car to be valeted that they will not use the wrong types of cleaners and acids resulting in major damage being done to them.I have come across people who have made this mistake in the past and it can be very costly indeed...

    read more


  • Something Different

    derby_fire_show_2006_00012From time to time we are asked to quote on vehicles that are outside our normal scope as valeters. We have undertaken valets on boats, light aircraft, helicopters, vintage vehicles and enormous plant vehicles. These valets usually entail several days cleaning and we can travel all over the country to do these valets. We have cleaned for transport shows as well as when the item in question is in the UK for a short period. These can be the most enjoyable valets we come across, so if you would like to fly us out to your yacht in the Mediterranean or simply have us come to do your club stand at the NEC or motor show then give us a call.

Dri Wash Valeting


Welcome to the Dri Wash Valeting service. We are a Bespoke Mobile car Valeting company based in the Milton Keynes area and we cover the whole of the Milton Keynes and surrounding areas. We offer a fast, friendly and reliable valeting services, at all times whilst putting you and your cars needs first!



Dri Wash Valeting - Professional Mobile Valeting Services

Merc 752

Dri Wash Valeting - professional mobile valeting service.

We can valet your car, motorcycle, caravan, jetski, boat, light aircraft or your commercial vehicle at your home or place of work, when it comes to your car or motorcycle we will even come to your local gym or golf club

You don't have to worry about taking it to a hand car wash and queuing. Call Dri Wash Valeting and we will clean your car in situ thus allowing you the time to do the things you need to do without leaving your home or work desk.

If you find our prices higher than you expected for your circumstances we advise you to look around and compare and hope you to find us competitive, we ask that you bear in mind we do NOT offer a "quick wash and wax" service.

Dri Wash Valeting are fully insured and we carry public liability insurance and all of our valeters are fully trained and professional. We pride ourselves on using the best valeting products and techniques in the industry today.


Why Use a Professional Valeting Company?

100_1244Why use a professional valeting company

Valeting is an investment which pays dividends when you come to sell, with the added bonus of having a vehicle in pristine condition the whole time you own it.

It is highly probable that the second largest investment you will make in your life is your car. Because of the expense involved with buying and running a car it is all the more important to maintain its value by looking after it properly and keeping it maintained to ‘showroom condition’.

We at Dri Wash Valeting guarantee to clean your vehicle back to ‘showroom condition’.

Our unique approach, attention to detail and our environmentally friendly attributes have attracted considerable interest .

Our customers are naturally astounded with our results but just as important they are continually amazed by our reliability, customer care and presentation.



Specialist Parts Cleaned

100_0145-thumb When it comes to bling on your car the americans know how to lead the more

Interior Exhibition Stands

Bentley_2-thumb We will come to your motor stand and will keep it in pristine condition for the duration of your more

Valeting Products

HPIM0080-thumbThere are several important questions that you need answered before using a valeting more